11 Foods You Didn't Know Grew Like That

11 Foods You Didn't Know Grew Like That
11 Foods You Didn't Know Grew Like That
Published on 12/11/2017
11 Foods You Didn't Know Grew Like That


That was like elementary school knowledge
Wow didn't know bananas grew I bunches thought they glued them together In the store!
Come mister tally man tally me bananas. 6 foot 7 foot 8 foot bunch
That moment when u actually live in a tropical country, have a big yard with most of these things and know all this stuff XD
The Banana fruit is classified as a berry
Most of the tree from asian..that's why american doesnt know these
This is great for kids, though. Since all the food they see at school comes from a box or package of some sort, they should at least see pictures of where real food comes from.
Is this for people whove never been outside?
never knew olives grow on trees. whoever heard of olive trees n olive branches. hmm n bananas in bunches never seen them that way. may be the fruit guy glues them together n sells it to us n so they r expensive. even sheldon cooper would have got this sarcasm ;)
I want to know who was the first person to see each of these things and say, "Hey! I'm going to eat that!!!!"
Very interesting, thanks for sharing
all Filipinos know these.
Okra is a flower too
Did u know that brazil nuts grow in a coconut-looking shell, in bunches of 15-30?
Good review, and always learn something new , broccoli a flower
The only fact I didn't know already, was the one about capers.
Mel Pilkington Because we thought Pineapples grew on trees;)
Jess Lynn Flores
ok so 9 outa 11 grew in my yards.
Michele Carpo pineapples!
lol obviously Marisa Lang would send this to me. also, very impressed you know what buzz feed is
Leonardo Baez
Casscass Cass
Sarbia Medrano
Michael - thought you would like this!
Very cool.
Papow Her yep persimmons hella scary lol
Andrew Demmer Paula Capitao
David Arush Tiffany A
I was born in jamaica so most of these fruits/veg i know about
i didn't know that broccoli was a flower. or how cashews grow. or that artichokes were flowers either.
Roberto Ventura Brat Matos
no like
Petra Butina
I never knew that! But did you know this?
Michael Olisemeka
I love when people share such facts besides the fact that as an African kid I knew this from the word go. Nothing beats the reaction of discovering some totally new.Nothing.
Dorian Davis
Karla Garcia
I'm Jamaican I know this, or any one who's West Indian knows this stuff.
Breanna Baker
Fabiola Garcia
Lidt ny planteinfo til vores kommende kogebog Lerke ?
Leonard Higgins
Abba Abbouchi a little education

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