11 Everyday Apocalypses For Anxious People

11 Everyday Apocalypses For Anxious People
11 Everyday Apocalypses For Anxious People
lol guy music
Published on 12/11/2017
11 Everyday Apocalypses For Anxious People


Dead on. The big stuff (droughts) I can deal with. Don't make me order something other than my usual and telling me the boss wants to see me is terrifying.
Try working a drive thru when you're super anxious, and people keep trying to make small talk with you. The struggle is real.
I relate to so much of this haha and his face had me dying
You forgot "Hey, would you mind making this phone call?" -Cue dramatic music!-
Xanax, the best and worst thing in all our lives 😅
Probably one of the best videos you've done
The "unknown" caller is my worst. And ordering for myself.
It's a tag fest going on over here!😂😂😂 one person tagged their own name!😅 too funny
I think anxious buzzfeed guy and creepy buzzfeed guy should make a video together.
Wait, you mean some people don't feel this way when these things happen?
Edwin Bryan Samantha like 85% of this vid like the restaurant, parking, the ppl laughing, and the phone thing
Jonathan my love "Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus." Philippians 4:6-7 😘😘😘
"Wanna order takeout?" "Sure, you call" *dramatic music*
Keli Sarah Maria The music is what makes this video
ITS ME!!!!! Brianna Nisbet Shortz Lori Jasmine Walton Shontelle Steeg Elana Oliver XoDallas Askerxo Sharaia Maere
Nick Deem
Chelsea 😂
Natalia Kapacinskas YESS! Especially the menu thing. My stock phrase when the waiter comes and I'm the only one who hasn't decided has become "...I'll just go last." And the "laughing at me" thing spot on.
Hannah Smith Verity Carson
Andrea Moreno Daniel Madrid Kate Diaz Marcela Castellanos Maria Lourdes
Harry Booth Harrison Bright Chris James Jon-James Peet
Larissa Trimble Jessica Elizabeth Cooper Caitlan Piig Sinead Burchell
Christina Hodkinson Emily Jackson Emma Sykes Ewa Potoczny
Taylor Anderson th is is me
This is sadly me all the way.:( right guys? Lol Ivanov Zhenya Mary Clark Freddie Camacho Rebecca Camacho.. lmao!
The male Dhama Bala Singam Trishi Padma Tham Ying Ying
Taylor Iszler I was literally watching this when you tagged me lol
Ivy Romero Hoop you know which part reminded me of you 😂
Mary Alice Brown Caitlin Sloan
Matilda Salvatore Chapman his anxious face us us with creepypasta xD
Alisha THIS IS MY LIFE (especially the menu ordering one)
Elizabeth Rufo
Sarah Pelletti
Razan Abdellatif Mohamed LOL
Kriti Kothari Divya Dhanak Ruchika Godhwani im dying
LOL this is me Christina Neumann Brie Poshtar Lisa-Marie Courtenay
Nicole Richardson Claire Machale this is us 😂
Marina Gianna Andrew Simpson Eric Yaremko
Angelica Rodriguez Marii Fong Dwight Santana JAJAJAJAJ
Taj Rose Renee Jarrett
Nicole Vargas Dewey Dollars Shelly Ramos Vargas
My everyday struggle 😭 lol Thomas Oswald Costales
Niall Kernan Tadgh Courtney Sean Alex Nolan
mE Illuminatineesha Alyce Shayna
Jag orkar inte Julianna Tuuli
Omar Bourak Josh Wells King Dan Iacono this is awkward Omar
Jøéy M Duncan, Dany Shepherd hahaha I can relate!
Alberto Perez Sigrid Aguiar
this is amazing Fraser Ali Joanne

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