11 Crazy-Fit Kisses

11 Crazy-Fit Kisses
11 Crazy-Fit Kisses
Published on 10/19/2017
11 Crazy-Fit Kisses


Crap I need to drop my donut and get to the gym with my bf
Now have buzzfeed staff recreate this. Lol
Excuse me while I plow another line of oreos...
Josh Yea...this is super impressive, but I'll just kiss my boyfriend from the comfort of the couch.
I bet these couples have some crazy sex
Ain't nobody got time for dat
Hold my beer
I got about 10 seconds in and was tired. And lonely. *wanders off to hunt for ice cream*
"Awwwwww" *continues eating m&ms*
My favorite machine at the gym is the vending machine
I'm just trying to get fit at the gym before I even make this my goal. Lmao.
Relationship goals 👌
Good for them. My husband and I kiss while eating popcorn on the couch and watching Netflix. The popcorn is air-popped so that's healthy.
They must have an awesome routine before bed (;
This is so obnoxious.
*Tilts back beer* ... ADORABLE.
11 Crazy-Nope kisses
I would be blowing hot stanky air into my husbands mouth from exertian.
*kisses spoon full of ice cream*
I hate this video. Because dumb people are going to see this and think its acceptable gym behavior. Its not. Its obnoxious. Its rude. Its distracting and disgusting to everyone that is there to actually work and not show off what an adorable couple they're part of. Not only that but most of the examples are a good risk for injury.
Train with you S.O. and be awesome and support each other. But don't so this. No one really wants this.
6&10 are great until one of them farts!
What a way to get kisses!!!!
Dude I'm sweaty and gross. Don't kiss me while I'm working out. In fact. Don't even look at me!
I liked #'s 6 and 10
Number 10 &11 are my fav so cute 💋
This was crazy adorable. But I'm so jealous :(
Why is there only 11??
on fait ça tous les matins avant le petit déjeuner ;) ;)
Not one kiss between 2 guys or 2 girls? That's a little disappointing
This could be us, but I don't have a boyfriend and I'm not fit
Why is she squatting 35 pounds on 6? 😂
Lol aww let do it babe😘
Im just thinking about all the crazy sex positions they probably do 😳😳
Number 10 is a sex position, let's just be honest, you didnt fool me with that innocent kiss 😉
Totally thought number 6 was different ...
I bet their sex positions are crazy.
Pretty cute. Might have to put together an Acro kiss version :)
I just find this rather silly ... specifically the squat kiss.. That just looked damn dangerous
makes me damn happy to see this... :x
This is possibly the dumbest thing I've ever seen on the internet.
this video has literally nothing but straight white thin people. *fart noises*
This was a bit obnoxious to watch lol
Vanessa Hernandez pretty sure like 6 of these could kill somebody. Or give them back trouble x10000 😳😳 #nothatingbeingreal
All of these comments make me so hungry! Thanks. Now I'm craving donuts, oreos, and chicken wings.
Should I go grocery shopping.. or work out?
Aaron The motivation to work out has decreased..and the motivation to eat has increased. Lol.
This video needs to be renamed "kisses I'll never share with anyone" haha
I can't decide whether I think this is cute or disgusting.
Damn, that blonde girl in pink is so damn strong.
Error 404: boyfriend not found to do this with. Do I have to start doing crossfit to find this?

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