1000HP Cheyanne | 1100HP Fox | 700HP Terminator

Check out these LA street cars we featured the other night! VIDEO LINK:
1000HP Cheyanne | 1100HP Fox | 700HP Terminator
Published on 10/21/2017
Check out these LA street cars we featured the other night!


Daniel O'Connor
You mean the ones the got wrecked by the boys from OK? Hahah
Gabriel Côté jpense que tu va aimer sa
Haha got drug by OK boys lol
Andy Madej lmao I see that last night!!
Cory Slaughter the truck...
Hell yeah... OKC went 6-0!!!! They got annihilated!!! Lol
Sucks seeing you trying to look good when beat your ass blindfolded!!! :-)
Leonel Galindo Adrian Lazos
Hey Guys I Most Say I Love The Page Keep Up The Great Work. You Guys Probably Get This A Lot But Is There Anyway You Could Possibly Share My Page It Would Mean A Lot To Me.. A Lot To Me Is Actually Understatement
that last eps was the worse of the season.
Go OKC! They spanked the shit out of Cali! Lol.
The losers from street outlaws
Francisco Canchola
2000+hp race cars against 1000hp street cars, even a retard would know who's gonna win!
Mauricio (y)
Still pussies
Ray Wallace
Anie Martin
Whats the difference. ..405 is King
That truck is a beast
To bad it wasnt enough for the 405 ;)
Gardea Leyva
Francisco Cortes Charles Patera
Cant fuck with the 405 hahaha
Carlos Cota knows whats up the okc cars are full blown track cars 2000+hp trailered around race to race. That aint not dam street car
Jose Marquez
We're experiencing issues. We're working on it and expect to have it fixed soon.
Sick truck.
Oklahoma boys smoke dat ass
These cars are far from street legal, farm truck and the red Silverado are the only street legal cars
Antonio Rodriguez
Nickolas Liazuk
Jerome Rudzinski
Jerome J Rudzinski
Street cars are not cars that you trailer from place to place..... Many super fast true street cars out there (8's in the 1/4) that you don't hear about in tv because they are smart enough to not tell every cop in the country that they street race..... And yes I used to live in the 405.
Let's all also think of the last time we saw a street race were they used giant flood lights.... It's all closed off and I'm sure the cops and ambulances are there.
They all lost
Pretty mean cars, but no match for the #oklahomaboys #streetoutlaws
probando un turbo
They were bought out
Chase Moll look that the trucks engine
Didnt okc wreck them? Should bring there cars to Chicago so they can get clipped again
Jordan Melhiser
Oklahoma rules bitches !!!!
OKC got balls? Come on down, I'll take you punks across the border, pay off the cops and set up some real street races!
Josh Millin
405 all the way

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