10 Useless Facts That'll Make You Say "Whoa"

10 Useless Facts That'll Make You Say "Whoa"
10 Useless Facts That'll Make You Say "Whoa"
jessica goat heart cathy
Published on 10/18/2017
10 Useless Facts That'll Make You Say "Whoa"


I didn't say "whoa" once. I want my money back.
"an octopus has 3 hearts but still lacks the capacity of love" -.- i didnt just read that, it isnt the heart that makes one think they "love" someone... its the brain, the heart has nothing to do with emotions.
Jose Gomez Praise the sausage! 🙈😛🙌🙌🙌🙌
I feel like my I.Q dropped a few points after watching this.
Thanks Shakespeare? I wish when kids called me Jessica dick and Jessica titty I could've rebuttable with "my name was created by Shakespeare you scullion! You rampallian! You fustilarian!" instead of just STFU
Christopher Antolin
Anushka Gwen Kissoon o.O jesus
Jessica de Vries
Guess it's not a ratty name them .. Skip to 23 seconds guys!! Amy Brigitta Yasmin Jaydan Ashleigh
The goats one Fatma Bayati
Miiiindblown *__* Cathy Madera Marmar Liamny
Natasha Goggins Shannon Flemming this is were I got it ..😱
Whoa 8D Cathy Madera Emily Vernet
Yoon Xin goats have accents
Alex Jonathon Fiona Grace
*_* Marmar Liamny Emily Vernet
Jessica Crystal Armstrong Jessica Miller Jessi Ogg Jessica Shylynn Gose
Lauren Schellhase GOATS HAVE ACCENTS
Brittany Naziya Annette Cathy they have a section about goats!
Jessica JuarezJessie Mugica Acosta
Avocados are actually classified as nuts
Lucca SträsserAlicia Scheppers
What did they write about strawberries and bananas? I couldn't see anything but the sickening objectification of women. FUCKING UNNECESSARY AS FUCK! Get your shit together BuzzFeed, or I'm leaving.
The dinosaurs fact blew my mind!
Ibrahim Altaha
Natasha Sabolevsky, that last fact will make you BAHligerent
Jesse Jax Sandin
Cheyenne McDonell
Sujit Mustafa
Ian Wallace
Annette Funchess Cornell Lambert
Please continue to make videos you don't need sound for x 👂
Sobre o negócio da melancia...😒 Breno
The only thing I found interesting was the "Jesus back words" thing.
Joey Varela
Maddison Leigh
Jessica Corrine
Christy Piraino
I'm retarf
The T-Rex one was cool.
Jack Sheehan
Alod of shit
Amelie Devereux
Avalon Hill the goat part
Exhibit C Whitner
Nicole Lee
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