10 Taylor Swift Facts That Will Give You Life

10 Taylor Swift Facts That Will Give You Life
10 Taylor Swift Facts That Will Give You Life
Published on 12/10/2017
10 Taylor Swift Facts That Will Give You Life


None of these things makes me think anything positive about taylor swift. None of these things will "make my life" anything except shorter...
Am I the only one who hates Tylor Swift ?
Wow, it's true! I had slipped into a coma and stopped breathing following too much Christmas dinner. Luckily one of my family was on Facebook and quickly played my corpse this video. What do you know? By the time I'd found out the names of Taylor's cats I was already coming round. Praise Jesus! (And Taylor).
Kanye West shouldn't have gone on that stage. That's what made her famous. Ugh. Thanks a lot Kanye.
so many jealous people on here. Taylor Swift didn't need Kanye's help to make her famous. She's extremely talented and she made herself famous. She could fart and make millions off of that. And she could simply destroy all of you for she is in the top 50 for the most powerful women in the country!
why is this supposed to give me life ? it's supposed to say 10 Taylor Swift facts that will WASTE UR LIFE
Talentless! She has slept with half the men in Hollywood. Smgh... then whines about her breakups crappy songs.
& the haters are gonna hate hate hate hate hate. 😂😂😂😂
Stupid, total 1:23 seconds of my life....
Lot of haters. If y'all didn't like her, why take the time to not only watch it but also comment on it.... Makes sense. You go Taylor! Kick ass at everything you do!
Yo whats with this comment thread. Taylor Swift is talented. She makes songs that are fun to sing along and you may Be in denial at first but eventually her songs have a way of getting to you and then you're hooked!
I don't hate her.. but I don't love her either. My 7yo and my 3yo daughter love her though... I've learned to listen to her screeching, and she's not bad on the eyes. although she's built like a noodle.
Haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate
My dog got better after learning these Taylor Swift facts!
Is it weird that I got a ticket to her opening concert of The 1989 Tour in May as well as a VIP ticket to the Dallas show in October? 😳 before you ask, yes I do realize that I'm a grown black man and yes I'm aware that I'll probably be the only one at the two concerts that I'll be attending. Lol
Imma let you finish, but Beyonce had the greatest 10 facts video of all time.
Its funny because people say she only writes songs about relationships when she's written songs for her fans, her mom, her band, her best friend and even for a family of a little boy who died of cancer. But nobody says anything when a guy writes songs about his exes, people end up feeling bad for them. But when a girl does it, she's automatically a crazy psychotic bitch. You idiots are the reason she wrote Blank Space. And as for everyone saying she's anything but incredibly sweet and down to earth, when was the last time you've heard of a celebrity who invited their fans to their multiple houses to listen to their album a month early and have a dance party and eat cookies? Let's not forget how she replies to fans on social media and buys them packages which includes personalized notes with every item. And let's not forget the time she went to a fans bridal shower, personally delivered a gift to a fan and flew out fans to celebrate her birthday with her in new york. I don't think someone whos in music for money and is actually a spoiled brat would ever THINK about doing any of that. So yea, you can say you hate her music all you want but you will NEVER have an excuse to say her fans are just a bunch of money bags to her
I so love Taylor Swift
I worked for a security company at one point in Houston, TX and this guy who has been with the company for 20+ years told me he once worked for her backstage. All he said was that she's a spoiled brat with a bad attitude.
Believe It.
Hey Buzzfeed can you stop kissing Taylor Swifts ass?
Victor James Nicole Armstrong cause she's so great and totally not weird
Her uncle bought a million copies of her first album in order for it to get on a chart for sales. This music companies noticed her. It's cheating in my opinion.
Cody Clemens I'm pretty sure that wasted my life. It did not give me anything.
Kaitlin Campbell Chelsea Haeusler Brianna Harvey- Khowley Alyssa Marquet Jackson Cook Kelly Cobcroft
You go gurl
This list was about as exciting as she is.... 😞
I can't stand her so I didn't read it. Does it have the part where she made millions exploiting all of her 15 min. relationships & shaming the men who decided to break up with her while painting herself the forever victim?
Johno , Andrew, Kristine, Kate, Brissa 😍😘😍😘
As she gets older, she gets less and less annoying but the music never really gets any better.....
This just made me dislike her even more
I Swear I'm Not Being Mean, But How On Earth is Not Ordering Anything Ever on Amazon "Giving Life"???? Amazon is A God For Shop-A-Holics Such As Myself! LOL Just Sayn! #Confused #NeedAnswers I Would've Gotten My Life Had Her Entire Home Been Furnished By Amazon LOL
Another one, never written a song that's not about an ex boyfriend.
THIS will give me life? What kind of sad life is the creator of this video living?
I wonder how many dislikes this would have, if Facebook had a dislike button.
Stephanie Killeen
Nora C Otto
Morgan Busby
Maura Jones
Couldn't find it comment Melissa Natalie but I love tswift
The only thing Taylor Swift gives me is a headache. Reminds me of the Family Guy sketch, "I can give you a stick job"
Gaby Rodríguez-Pacheco Casillas Andy Rpc
Laura I learned so much about You!!! Lol x
Shay Fernandez - About our bestie!
Wannika Pichetthaworn
Bonnie Irwin
Ashley Norris
Rosy Rodriguez
Deion Tovar
Kristie Comeau oh Em gee it's Tay Tay . Did you know all that?

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