10 Surprising Celebrity Sister Facts

10 Surprising Celebrity Sister Facts
10 Surprising Celebrity Sister Facts
Published on 10/17/2017
10 Surprising Celebrity Sister Facts


Kim Kardashian Married to Kris Humphries: "2011-2011" 😂
The Olsen twins aren't identical? 😳
I'd pick the mowry sisters over the kardashians any day!!!
I don't care what they say. MaryKate and Ashley named their clothing line "Elizabeth&James" after their siblings! There is no way that they were like "here are two random names we like.... oh wow! Those happen to be the names of our sister and brother!" seriously?
Kourtney is by far the best Of the sisters atleast she has an education
Never knew the Olsen twins had two other siblings... Awkward
saw the first one was about the crapdashians, turned this shit off instantly lol
Khloe being hungover at Kim's wedding is why she's my fav
how do you become a producer at 6 ?
Htf is kylie influential lil girl is almost worse than kim
Hah, if I found out my sister was marrying Kanye, I'd probably be hungover at that wedding too (that is if I was a drinker and had a sister lol)
How Kim K got famous lmao.
Explain how Kylie and Kendall are influential?
I bet there were so many people who clicked out of the video when they saw "Kardashian Sisters" lol
Nothing about the Kardashians is "surprising" they literally air out their own dirty laundry daily..
Why so much about the dang Kardashians and so little about Tia and Tamera?? They're the only siblings in this video that aren't screwed up!!
Those Aren't surprising facts at all. Basic knowledge.
After watching this video I am going to google how the hell the Olsen twins are not identical... because if they are fraternal twins they are the most IDENTICAL fraternal twins I HAVE EVER SEEEN.... Off to google I go to search for the answer since BuzzFeed Video didn't want to give me all the details behind this madness
Mary-Kate and Ashley's brother's name is Trent, not James
You know society is fucked when Kylie is considered an influential teen. 👌
There's no unlike button ok well then I'm just gonna click like button two times and pretend that I unlike this video cause of Kardashian
Kim Kardashian was married to Kris from 2011-2013 that's a fact!
The most surprising thing about this video is that Buzz feed thinks any of these "facts" are surprising.
the facts about the kardashians arent surprising... their whole lives are documented. lol we knew already.
This was fucking retarded, wow.
This has to be the worst story buzzfeed has ever put out
20,357 views in only 13 mins 😒 and 768 likes people really hate Kardashian 😜
Kim's marriage pictures looked like an Oreo 😛
wow i nvr knew they was born there, do they speak german. i always like the mowry sisters :D
kourtney and kendall are the only decent ones from that family.
The Kardashits are pointless ass celebrities..But I give Kourtney props for being the only one who actually went to college and got a degree..
They'll use every lame idea in the book, just to make an article/video about these urgh family
And does nothing with her degree. Of course.
"2011-2011" lmfao! 😂😂
Someone explain to me how I ruin the sanctity of marriage by marrying another woman.
When this horse face bitch can marry 3 different guys for their money.
Wow wait they're not identical wtf that was the best shocker
Second comment lol
For god's sake Buzzfeed, if you care at all about doing some good to the public, please stop feeding us these toxic contents.
how do i get rid of buzzfeed videos?.
The olsens are NOT identical?! Wtf?
The dumbest thing I've seen all day
God i hate hearing about the Kardashians and Jenner's and all their annoying crap
Also if you've ever good on IMDB too look anyone up you'd probably already know this
Who the F cares about these hookers?
Tia & Tamera will always be my fav tiwn sisters .
Kourtney has a college degree. Impressed!!
Celebrity garbage.
Tia & Tamara 💕💕
Oh because I wanna hear more about the Kardashians.

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