10 Second GIANT Turbo Truck!

10 second Turbo Truck from SCT! The "Lead Sled!"
10 Second GIANT Turbo Truck!
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Published on 12/10/2017
10 second Turbo Truck from SCT! The "Lead Sled!"


Great to see an old school 350 instead of another LS motor !!!! Love the truck :-)
I like the truck but no way it weights 4700 pounds, my 84 long bed is only at 4100 and change.
Ryan all you need is a turbo and you can run 10's haha
Charles Clement, 10 sec truck with an eBay turbo
It wasn't a 350 ppl. Listen to video. It was a 383. Truck should run 10,s just on motor.
Evan same turbo set up as on your 2j right ? 😭
Brian get ya an eBay turbo!
Ben Lodge guess what kind of turbo he's running
Austin Kuneyl
Richard Escamilla
Alex Quintana that's the truck I was talking about
I'm calling bull shit on this 4700lbs!
Nicholas Evarts Gary Stair
Yes! Deron Jr Mueller Jason Rinaldi Matt Hinkle Dwain Jones
Sam Beere Blake Tocher Cody Lindsay
Need to build one bad
Pablo Montes Sergio Martinez
Michael Sherlinski
Josh Fowler T.j. Beldon
Philip Umgelder Stevo De Broklyn Markus Liptow
Derek Wilson Morgan Rider
Armando Garza Armando Garza Rdz
Logan Tosseth Tanner Tosseth
Andrew Gaona Saul Espinoza Carlos Galindo
Negro ManzanarezLuis Alfonso L. Manzanarez
Dion ThorburnMichael Hylton acceptable single cab?
Chris Contreras Fabio Sosa
Ellis Cauchi II Taylor Sorensen Brian Cardenas Brandon Rhodes Andy Nevarez Jose Martinez
Ta aprovado ?? Eulicio Batista David Jorge
Jacob Smith Mitch Gray Michael Boland Tanner Sanders Gary Tink Sanders George Nakia Pegues
I should probably get a turbo for Scotty off eBay STAT
Ronnie Stokes Jr Rob Mcjunkins
Marcos losoya
SICK! Joe N Melissa Garcia
Alex Aldrich built and boosted 350 needs to happen but in a 240...
Ohh Travissssss. The Sten could hurt some feelings with this setup
Alex Villegas
Sweet ride
Noooo Qué sarpadaaa
250 dollar turbo Ricky Hicks
I'd turbo my truck for $250... ButMattie Wollmershauserr wouldn't let me...
Tyler Harkrider
Raul Garcia Jr.
Luis Vega
Pas joué ké sa Mozaione Dispagne
Audie Mills
Giovanni Robertson
Daniel Sellers
Mira el pinchi TORTON wei Ivan Ramirez
Bryan Goetz

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