10 Questions Australians Have For The U.S.

10 Questions Australians Have For The U.S.
10 Questions Australians Have For The U.S.
Published on 10/18/2017
10 Questions Australians Have For The U.S.


You question our ranch but I question your veggiemite
"A baby could buy a gun in this country!"...dang right.
yesss pizzaaa needs ranch....damn
Stopped listening after they started talking about our 2nd amendment...
They need to try ranch on pizza first. Then ask questions. Probably won't have any lol
This is embarrassing to watch as an Aussie living in the US. I have realized how arrogant we as Australians are and point the finger at Americans trying to tell them how they should change their way of life. Just because it's not the "Aussie" way doesn't mean it's wrong. And if you don't like it, then don't visit the bloody country!
1. Ranch Dressing - Why are we so obsessed with Ranch dressing? Because it's awesome! Especially when some little place makes their own, and they get the recipe really great.
Why is it on everything? It's not on everything. You're exaggerating for effect, and it's understandable, but not excusable. It's on a lot of things because, again, IT'S AWESOME!
Why is it called "Ranch"?
The first people to make Ranch dressing made it on a property they called "Hidden Valley Ranch", which is also how the company evolved.
2. U.S. Money - Why does all of our money look the same? It doesn't. They're called numbers. Learn how to use them.
3. Pennies - Why do we still have the one cent coin? The proposal has been brought up to get rid of the penny several times in Congress, but the debate has never been resolved on what to do in the aftermath. How do merchants give change? Do we replace it with anything? What do we replace it with? Our politicians can't agree on anything, so they just leave it the same.
4. Cheese - "Why is your cheese orange?" American cheese used to be white, but people started to add an ingredient called Annatto to it, which changed the color and added a sort of "sweet, nutmeg type of flavor" to the cheese. - Also, I agree on the second part. Cheese should not come in a can.
5. Soft Drink Sizes - "Why are your drinks so bloody big?" Because the thirst of America takes a lot to be quenched. You're not obligated to get the large sizes. You can get a small. "Your sizes that you serve in America are actually illegal in Australia." That's because your country thinks the government has a right to tell people how to live. Ours is based on freedom, and the ability to succeed or fail on your own, the ability to become prosperous or screw up your life without the government or anyone else getting in the way.
6. Foster's - "Why do you all think that we drink Foster's?" We don't all think that, but it is a belief that is very prevalent in the country because unfortunately Foster's is the only Australian beer that has gotten a foothold in the American market. A good portion of the American market though doesn't know what good beer is because they think Miller, Budweiser, and/or Coors are good beers. The Prohibition Era really screwed up our country's palate for alcohol. We're just starting to get it back.
7. Hidden Sales Tax - "Why don't you just add sales tax to the price tag?" There is no good reason or explanation. Except that this way you know how much the government is screwing you.
8. No Metric System - We're stubborn and we don't handle change well. That's it.
9. U.S. Gun Laws - The 2nd Amendment was written in order to keep an over-reaching government from being able to become all powerful. The founding fathers were very concerned about the government restricting armaments because King George did exactly that in the revolution. It was very difficult for the rebels to get any guns and they wanted to make sure that didn't happen again. If the need ever came again for another revolution, they wanted to ensure the people had the ability to do so. By ensuring the populace can revolt against the government, you ensure that the government doesn't become too powerful.
10. Pharmacies Sell Beer - "Why do pharmacies sell beer?" Why not?
The last guy Why do your pharmacies sell beer? Why the hell not! I think it's fantastic! I love this country!
As a Australian, I think the very same thing. But I think Americas answer would be around the lines of "because we feel like it" or "because we are America" and I think those are suitable answers.
why are these aussies so good looking?
...am i the only american who hates ranch on pizza/wings/etc? i only eat it with vegetables. anything else tastes disgusting to me :/
Most of these I also ask myself But ranch and pizza belong together, it's in the bible.
Fuck you I love my guns
when you read comments that says "cause we're america we can do what the fuck we want" it literally makes you guys sound like the biggest douche bags.
lol about the mile thing... they must not have come down south where people measure distance by the time it takes to get there
I think the real question is why is there no such thing as an ugly Australian?
Cheddar cheese isn't supposed to be orange?
It's kinda hard to buy a gun, and two, you have to be 18 to legally own a rifle or shotgun in your name. And 21 for a handgun. But if you're under 21 a family member can buy a handgun for you, but won't be in your name till you're 21. But you CAN carry a concealed firearm at 18. If your aren't a felon. The guns laws are nice here
Why is everyone so negative I'm an American and think this is funny because a lot of it was true. Even if it wasn't it's so interesting just hearing the differences of different countries. I don't think they are doing it to be mean but to entertain the ideas that we do different things in different countries. Why don't we learn from it instead taking offense. I would love to visit any country and try there way just to see what the differences are. Open your minds people.
I really do wish the US would convert to metric. And that sales tax on the price tag would make life So much easier.
I'm American and these are all things that I question about my own country.
"Your drink sizes are actually illegal in Australia." Well, everything's illegal in Australia soooo...
Hey, hands off the 2nd ammendment, that's our right
Why out of every question in the world, out of all of the U.S. History... Your first question was about ranch?
I think this is to the USA from every single other country on the planet. WE DONT UNDERSTAND YOU GUYS AT ALL SEND HELP
I think i'm Australian because I had many of these same questions.
"It's like joke to fool people when they're drunk to tip more than they should" 😂😂😂
I AM AUSTRALIAN and those people in that video are (almost)actors, shit ones at that. Australians do not really wanna know this shit. Like as if everyday americans control how sales tax is done or gun laws or whether u use the metric system or not.
What a joke of a video.
Ranch dresssing is amaazzzzing. I went to the US and fell in love with it. I dont care what colour your cheese is and ive never throught twice about there being canned cheese.... pretty sure you have more than one kind of cheese like the rest of the world. awesome dont need to cut it. I think its great u can buy alcohol almost everywhere....super convenient!
Nonone, anywhere, cares about fosters. It was big here in the 80s now its hardly seen in pubs. And as of the money... reallly who caresss what form it comes in..Money is money!
Americans go bigger and better hence giant drinks! Its up to you as an individual if u want that much soda!
Honestly this video makes Aussies look like conceded wankers. When we aren't all asking dumb ass questions like that!
P.s I love vegemite.... its an acquired taste.
Stephanie Jean lol
So many butthurt Americans 😒 im sure you would have an opinion about Australia too
I agree with sales tax... but I don't need people questioning me on why ranch and pizza make a great couple. ✋
Why don't Americans do videos of us asking other countries why they do the things they do? Oh, bc they would get upset.
We learn to put ranch on everything bc we grew up in school systems where food was sooo bad or had no flavor and our only hope was ranch. They talk about sizes, but have burgers that are inches high. Taxes vary, so they can't add it to the price. It would become super complicated when people from tax free territories or states come to purchase things... Plus not everything is taxed. Oh, and most places don't have actual pharmacies... They have drugstores that are more like convenience stores. That's why they sell beer... And food... And makeup... And cleaning supplies... And DVDs... And dog food. They are small grocery stores. Lol
American here. I have all the same questions except for converting to the Metric system. I get that it makes more sense, but living here my who life, I have no real space/time perception of metric measurements.
Pennies are stupid, real cheese isn't orange, and I agree about the sales tax...but don't mess with my ranch dressing or my guns or my beer haha
I watched this 3 times, just because accents 😍
Can people stop attacking Australians in the comments? This is just seven people asking questions about America. They aren't trying to be rude, they're just curious; as are most Australians about these topics. Sure, there are better questions they could have asked, but these are the ones that were chosen. One would hope that by looking through the comment section, they would see answers from Americans. If you didn't like the video content, then don't comment on it. Were you never taught "If you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say anything at all"? Yes, I am aware that I am being hypocritical by posting this. So many people got pissed off by a few questions that they could have just left alone. Instead they chose to comment things like 'I hate Australians', and, in general, were downright rude to an entire nation for wanting to understand another country a little better.
Well it's a good thing you love Australia, stay there don't visit here.
1. I only put ranch on salads and fries(sometimes).
2. What the hell is a foster?
3. What pharmacy sells beer?
1 question...
Does Australia want Iggy Azalea back?
In short, a summary of America: guns, beer, ranch dressing and being insanely patriotic and easily insulted when you talk about their country.
Even when u buy a gun at Walmart u have to go through a FBI background check first to make sure that u r even aloud to own a gun and if it turns out that you're not aloud to have a gun you'll be arrested for trying to purchase one.
Why.? I'll tell you why. It's because this is Merica. Shut your commie mouth. Lol
That chick that mentioned when the 2nd amendment was written just shows her basic ignorance of the purpose of the amendment. It was so people could oppose a tyrannical government. I don't think a fucking musket is going to cut it in 2015.
Because freedom, that's why.
Soooo moral of the story, I no longer wish to hear ANYTHING Australians have to say.
I believe they make some valid points on a few things. Like seriously add the damn tax to the tag already and it's true. . The penny is pointless.
our countrie has bigger problems then worrying about pennies and orange cheese
Omg I don't understand why people are so offended. Just funny questions any person that isn't American would ask. The 2nd amendment is an interesting law for those outside our country and there are those in our country that do not like the 2nd amendment. People calm down and laugh it off. Don't take life too seriously.

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