10 Moments Black People In The Workplace Know Too Well

10 Moments Black People In The Workplace Know Too Well
10 Moments Black People In The Workplace Know Too Well
Published on 10/22/2017
10 Moments Black People In The Workplace Know Too Well


"Oh god. Are they gonna- are they gonna say it?" "SHE AIN'T MESSIN WITH NO BROKE, BROKE" "We good. No fights." omfg
What amazes me is that no matter how many black people say that they have experienced this, there will be always be people, particularly white people, who dismiss, deny, or down play this experience. Sure, they are over dramatizing it a bit. That is what satire does, but these experiences are very real. Listen to the vast majority of blacks who say that this has or is happening to them. We know our own realities and experiences. We are not making this stuff up lol!
LOL, "is he offering me chicken because I'm black........or because he's considerate? "...............bwahahahahaha I don't even like fried chicken!
When people expect you to have a stereotypical name. 😂
I hate this video. It makes all white people look like idiots.
"OF COURSE YOU'RE HEAVEN" *goes for hair* 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Funny shit!! Get outta y'all's feelings damn! Blacks jokes ARE funny...so are WHITE JOKES! A joke is a fucking joke! Buzzfeed makes fun of everyone! This isn't a "WHITE PEOPLE ARE ASSHOLES" video. This is a "damn, we have these racial and cultural oddities and quirks. LET'S MAKE FUN OF OURSELVES...AT THE EXPENSE OF...OURSELVES." Because making fun of ourself is....FUNNY! If you can't see that...your life sucks, and I feel sorry for you.
Look, lets not act brand new. I got Heben and Tracey mixed up for a second, too.
That potato salad joke had me in tears
Yes! I used to be the only black person at my old job and ANY time I did something even slightly different with my hair people asked if it was real. I think that's so rude! In that same office there was a white woman who wore fake bangs because her hair was thinning but no one asked her if hers if it was real! If you like someone's hair compliment it and move on!
And learn someone's name! Not sure, ask! Simple.
If I want chicken am I being a stereotype?
My favorite part.
A lady working in my office never seems to remember who I am because my hair "changes every day". 😑
Never worn weave, extensions, anything and I wear my hair natural sooo... It's really not changing. Lol.
Chicken is awesome. It doesn't discriminate. And it's fucking tasty deep fried, skillet fried (iron skillet!), or even baked fried.
The only thing I think when I see anyone eating fried chicken is "where'd they get it? Is it close? Do I have money? I wonder if it's as good as Church's. Damn I miss Church's."
Her name is Heaven, aw :)
died when "are they gon say it"
As i read some of the more outrageous comments, i notice a misguided observation about racism or making white people look bad. I dont believe this insinuates that white people suck or are racist or are stupid, but just simply some can be aloof, intrusive, and culturally uninformed in the work place. And I believe most of us, including many on this post wouldnt let a video from buzzfeed speak for the entirety of white people. This is just one small experience in many people of colors adventures in being a small minority in a predominantly white work place. People are here confirming that things like this happen to people in this particular situation, which isnt only exclusive to just people of color, but any environment where one has become the minority in a place.
Maybe I'm just naive, but what on EARTH makes anyone think it's okay to randomly touch someone else's hair without specific permission? What the hell is wrong with you that you think it's okay to just reach over and grab a handful of someone else's hair? Why would you even think that's okay?!
ShaTara Willis the freaking Obama one! I hate how when people especially strangers always start a conversation with I'm not racist I voted for Obama. Um congrats? Am I supposed to give you a high 5? And what does that even mean? I've met plenty of people who didn't vote for him, it doesn't mean you're racist it just means your beliefs are different. And don't even get me started about the hair... 😂😂😂
The "Hey, girrrllll!" annoys me. Just call me by my name. Please.
First off, I don't touch anyone's hair, ever. I hate when people try to touch mine.
Second, Black women do not look alike unless they're biological twins, but even then, you should be able to figure out who is who.
Third, you invite people to lunch by saying the restaurant name or the variety of food. I've never said, "Want to come eat fried chicken?"
Fourth, I don't make potato salad. Lol
"Who made the potatoe salad?"
😂😂😂 the same guy mixing everyone up is hilarious!! 😂😂😂 "it's on a plantation??" Lmao!!! Tears!!
"...is he offering me chicken because I'm black or is he just being considerate?" LMFAO.
God forbid someone makes a video of the black experience without white people being offended... Whether this applies to you or not as a white person (meaning maybe you've made one or some of these mistakes) this is what black people sometimes experience in the workplace. So how are you offended? Goodness, results may vary people.
Shoot! Try being a Hispanic female that looks African American and speaks with an accent that is not "typical" It's hilarious to let people wonder
Well sister if the white boy is asking you about Martin Luther King day represent and encourage celebration !
I think the hair thing just happens to everybody though.
"Omg brookelynn your hair looks so shiny and soft!"
**runs nasty fingers through my hair even though I don't know when the last time was that you washed your hands.**
Or people just start braiding it....?
Lolol! That "don't touch my hair" dodge is sooooooo true!!
If everyone was as comfortable with the differences/distinctions of race as the creators of this video are this world would be a better place.
Someone I work closely with touched my hair without permission. I did not dodge her in time. Then she asked me a billion questions, which I answered to the best of my ability, and then she asked to touch my hair again. I said no, it makes me feel awkward (thinking to myself, I do not like to be examined or studied like a specimen), and then she stopped talking to me. She has not spoke to me since. So yes these experiences are very real. lol!
Should be more like "10 things people who dress similar and have similar color hair have to deal with from white guys who are clueless"
Buzzfeed has this many black people working there and they only use one in most of their videos??????
ROTFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man that chicken question is timeless. Lol
Can I advise on one for hispanics and gay guys... ? We face similar issues. And they suck
"Affirmative Action.." Didn't anyone else catch that? Lol I died!!!
The potato salad struggle is real though!✊
I love how all the white people are butthurt over this! Why you mad? Lol!
I think some white people feel so awkward around us instead of getting to know us individually they use stereotypes to try to relate to us then offensive situations like these happen.
😂😂😂😂😂😭 LMAO! Truuuu! Forgot one thing. When white ppl feel like they have to compensate for being black around you because you're black. Like... Just be you its cool lol
I just want some lunch why does this have to be so hard.
Funny thing is..... the potato salad thing happened the same exact way at my job.... the person who made it was so upset that nobdy ate she felt the need to ask why... my coworker said loud "why is it so white??? "
Let's get this straight.... all people love fried chicken.
I offer everybody chicken.
White Supremacy and White Privilege= It can't be true if it makes me as a white person feel bad, even though black people experience this almost everyday in white social spaces, if I discount and write off their experiences and just ignore racism, I'll feel better about myself and I can warm myself up at night under the covers and the belief that I'm the standard in which humanity is measured...😐
It's very similar to when people expect every hispanic to speak spanish or have five kids. People are dumb, but this is fairly amusing. 😅
I'm obviously not black but I'm sure it gets so annoying when white people are stereotypical by accident. Lol
people getting butthurt over the stupidest shit, so annoying.
Jabari Spears "Is he offering me chicken b/c i'm black or b/c he's being considerate?" LOL
Unfortunately buzzfeed will make racist generalizations regarding "white people" (as if a few represent all) but won't regarding "black people. The same could easily be said of some "black people" to "whites"(yet all sane individuals know you can't blame all people based off of the actions of the few )
Basic examples similar to buzzfeed examples.
All white people listen to country or rock
All white people eat casseroles
I could go on in pointing out the hypocritical stereotypes in this post. Regardless of how much sense it makes if you looked at it impartially someone will undoubtedly call me a racist cracker for shedding some perspective on their own hypocritical bigotry.
There is no point in downing the vast majority of people based off of the ignorance of a few..
Have you ever seen Heaven? LOL!!! Hilarious but the struggle is real. How about wanting to discuss Real Housewives of Atlanta or some new Tyler Perry movie and then being shocked because you don't watch it.
When does this ever actually happen though? I don't think people are as naive and inappropriate as you'd think now a days. BuzzFeed Just stop. This is sad.

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