10 Couples Who Really Nailed This Valentine’s Day Thing

10 Couples Who Really Nailed This Valentine’s Day Thing
10 Couples Who Really Nailed This Valentine’s Day Thing
Published on 10/23/2017
10 Couples Who Really Nailed This Valentine’s Day Thing


at least it's my birthday :)
Oh my God!!! I know the bath tube selfie 😳😱
I think the last one was photo shop
Luv the couple in the last pic. They have an awesome sense of humor!
The last one is most disturbing.
I'd kill to be in any of those pics...#foreveralonr
The last one & skunky celebration! 😂😂😂
Nailed or screwed?
No, Nutella and I nailed it.
Not ur best
Last pic xD
The masked mischief makers.... the guy... is that the old man from Pawn Stars?
No Words!!!
wtf buzzfeed
I wish there was a dislike button.
The last one looked like a murder!
That's was dumb.
Pure stupid. 😩
Okay so its not just me, just making sure...I went on their page to find it but I don't find anything about valentines day
That first pic was enough for me
Jj Quinn Titus
Oh god. The last one made me crack up, the old guy was happy that he was "pushing " his wife of a "cascade or the niagra falls" and she was happy too. Lmao
It is old photo and look normal during their day!
Gareth Hall look 10seconds in!! U should do a photo shoot like this! Frame it and give the neighbours it as a leaving gift!!
Made me laugh!
Sophia Aranda
Looks like a MTA NYC bus I knew he wasn't getting away with talking to her like that,,,no man should talk down to a woman no matter what.
The last pic doesn't seem like its "letting go," more like pushing through
Omg that's Johnny rusher lmao
Happy Valentine's day
Nicole, Greg
The music for this video is a cluster fuck
Niagara falls!!!!!!
Coggggsssswwwooorth is aliiiiiive!!!!!!lol
Leet it goooo😂
The Niagara Falls one had me cracking up.
Allison Dixon..... Im not talking about the photo of us..... hahahaha .... think again.... back to college days when we sent in a photo.... or YOU sent in a photo
Fucking stupid
Sooo sweet !
Billy Kennedy if we don't reenact all of these, we're doing something wrong.
Nick Dentis look Johnny Rusher. Mounties super fan.
Jordan Sherar your friend Johnny is in this slide show
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Angelique at least our pictures from Saturday night weren't this bad lol
Timmy Seldomridge the first picture that comes up.....

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