10 Celebrities That’ll Make You Proud To Be A Woman

10 Celebrities That’ll Make You Proud To Be A Woman
10 Celebrities That’ll Make You Proud To Be A Woman
Published on 10/20/2017
10 Celebrities That’ll Make You Proud To Be A Woman


"I'd rather be bond" 👍
How about yall stfu and take the video for its intentions and stop trying to point out all the negative shit no wonder our society is so hard to live in
What about Bruce Jenner?
You can't be proud of being a woman without the help of others?
Why should people have to look up to celebrities to feel proud about themselves? Like celebrities are role models or something, when half of them are drugged up and in and out of rehab...
Why can't I be proud for myself?
Nicki Minaj? Fucking really????? Dumbest quote ever.
This is the most ridiculous thing I have seen. Michelle Obama, Taylor Swift, and Nicki Minaj make me worry about what is happening to women in the world not proud to be one. Plus I don't need rich, media fed women to make me feel proud.
Last time I checked we as Ladies try to empower other ladies into empowering the others. Half of the top comment are from ladies and gentlemen who seem to have no squeezing idea of what this video was about. If we could just appreciate the fact that Buzzfeed is trying to empower women in feeling more confident rather than negative. I didn't know in order for discretion to be made you couldn't be famous. These famous young stars are still HUMANS.
Angelina Jolie= thug life.
nicki minaj and taylor swift are both bimbos. Shame on you guys for representing both of those women for rights.
Side note: Men of the world, you can also be proud of who you are.
I find it interesting that this whole thing is about empowering women, accepting yourself as you are, and saying that beauty isn't physical, but every picture of these women is of them in make up, jewelry, and fine clothing.
Lots of haters in this comment section! I watched this and said, 'HELL. YEAH!' out loud.
Oh Angelina Jolie is the best! She's so cool
Sooooo Nicki got a spot but not Beyoncé or Janelle Monae .? Okay 👌🏽
Please! I'm supposed to be proud to be a woman and the best reasons you can come up with are Michelle Obama, Taylor Swift, Ellen DeGeneres and Nicki Minaj? You couldn't pick people I respect less.
I didn't realize a celebrity had to make me be proud to be a woman. If you're a woman, be proud regardless and embrace that! Sorry buzzfeed. Really bad title for the vid.
Half of the girls on this list don't make me proud to be a woman. Nicki Minaj should not even be on this list. She wrote a song called "You're a Stupid Hoe". If you call someone that, how can you make anyone proud?
I don't need another woman to be proud of being a woman and if i did these will never come close to the real role models
And Nicki should be ashamed of herself as a person!
I've always been proud to be a woman.
Donot look towards celebrities to be proud of being what you are. You meet people like that everyday
I'm proud to be a woman without celeb bullshit. :)
Even better: Everybody be proud of who you are.
This is more feminist BS why would you need to feel proud of what or who you are because of a celebrity? You should always feel proud of yourself regardless...people need to stop worshipping these celebrities as if they are their Gods..
I'm not going to be proud to be a woman because of people who make to much money. I'm proud I'm a woman because I have a fucking vagina. But thank you for trying to get me to idolize some people just because they can read a script or sing and have a vagina at the same time. And seriously why tf was Nikki Minaj on here? I have more talent in my pinky toe then her. The only thing she seems to be good for is her looks. ...she can't sing or rap...your idolizing a life size barbie. ...congrats.
No disrespect to these famous women but I'm already proud to be a woman without them😊
How can other women make me proud to be a woman myself? I don't need a celebrity or any other person in this world to make me be proud of myself. I can be proud of being a woman on my own.
I'm proud to be a woman because I've learn from the best #MyMom she's my biggest idol!!!
Mindy kaling should be on this
I dont need those skanks to be proud to be a woman. Hell, I dont even need to be proud to be a woman. How can you be proud of something you had no control over?
Why proud of something you did not do or make happen ?
Jennifer Lawrence. Lol k.
Beyoncé should've been on this
nicki minaj?! out of all the accomplished celebrity women ... sigh
In proud to be myself. If I was born a dude I would still be proud of myself. Just be proud to be a nice person
since when someone else's achievements make you proud of yourself?wtf people?
Angelina Jolie, hands down the best.
This makes me proud to be human
Angelina that the end tho. 😋
I see everyone complaining about Nicki Minaj. Before I start I don't like Nicki Minaj and I think her music is terrible...But in the media many men do the same thing and say they sleep with a bunch of women and treat women like shit and as walking sex dolls, Nicki is just doing the something and if she wants to act like that it's her right and because she is a woman everyone is like Oh my, she should be in the kitchen and shit, but if she wants to act like a "slut" or "bitch" let her, every other person does it in modern media and it doesn't affect my life and most likely yours in any significant way
The point is I've seen half of these girls nude pics so I am good. ;)
I love Angelina's comment.
Y'all think woman like Michelle Obama, ellen and Angelina should be in the same lever that Taylor, Nicki? Mmm? Not the same some just sing not really did anything for woman other than say a couple of cute words. Mm? No please not the same category at all.
I dont need Celebrities to remind me of How awesome I'm ..:D
They should totally make a movie with Angelina Jolie as Bond! 8D
The same reason you all are hating on nicki is exactly why they put her in this video because she is and always will be herself no matter if you approve of her and her actions or not she dgaf
Haha well I don't know about you ladies but I don't feel more or less proud of who I am as a person.
Angelina Jolie is bad ass lmao
Angelina was the most boss one 😎😎😎

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