1 vs 1

1 vs 1
Published on 12/11/2017


Lol dude look like that deez nuts guy lmao ^_^
He ain't all there. You can definitely tell by his body language, not to mention his communication style
"F*ck that bike n*gga, on my mamma." Lol!
Glad dude didn't fight him..u can tell something wrong wit him
Couple things.
1. He threatened to cut you
2. He's pretending he's holding 2 pistols.
Yea. I'd prolly try to talk my way outta that. He looks like a person who would come back and kill your family in two weeks
He has some long ass arms.
That nigga said bro after every sentence
Hell naw. He strapped
Threw that bike pretty far hahahaha
😂😂😂Nigga said swing on my first..
Lmao 'i think he think he gotta gun' after he threw the bike dat nigga like damn this nigga strong
At one point he said swing on my first. 😂😂😂
The man said "swing on my first"......WTF...HAHAHA
Nigga said bro like 5 times in a row
Bro ,,,1,,2,,3,,Bro ,,,,,,1,2,,3,,Bro
Man see we not all bad cause he could of stomped the dude but he let him make it. O & you can see that he's not all there too.
Dat Imaginary Akimbo thoo . Lmao .
Nigga said "bro" like 9times lmaoo
He got one glock in his left hand and a 9 in his right
He got 2 guns nobody can see lol
He was gangster until his feelings got hurt when dude threw his bike
"Fuck that bike nigga......on my mama, move around nigga"😂😂😂😂
Omg the funniest shit I seen ina long time ahahahahaha nigga thought he had a pistol in his hand fuckin crackhead
Fuck that bike nigga
Word up in that shit nigga. Double clutch like what
"You better cock u and them fingers take them fingers and put yo shit on wit them bitches" lmfaooo
" get that shit outta here BRO, stop playing with me BRO, for you get yo ass dropped BRO"
Look at the 2 guns he is holding. No wonder big dude didn't swing. I think they where fake cuz when he threw the bike i would have shoot his ass.
Tootie Nahshan he do look like that nigga lmao
2 can sam dont fuck around lls
"Get your retarded ass slapped bro" All the speech was fun but seriously? Are you mean enough to be so rude with a clearly retarded guy? Shame on you
Watch out da nigga got two milli's
Welvendagreat in street fights now?
He looks like the DEEZ NUTS guy. I swear I was waiting for him to say it.
That kid was slow, thats y the big guy didnt hit him, theres sumthin wrong wit him like in the brain
How many times he wanna say "bro"
Damn, dude is tweakin
Hold on bro, get that shit outta here bro, for you get fucked up bro, fuck it.. Bro bro bro bro..lol dude say that shit a bunch of times
How many times did he say niqqa and bro
Put yo shit on with them niggas!! 😂😂😭😭💀
Bro for real bro. Hey its better then hearing nigga a 1,000 fuckn times BRO!!!!!
Dat boi ever get holt to sum gunz yall boyz in deep!
Dat nigga got two guns!!! Lmao!!
Got emmmmm !!! LMAOOO
How many times he goes a bro
Black superman wth two guns
The racist words though smh
Damb bro he would of knocked your ass out bro better watch out bro
LMMFAO his invisible guns WTF
Lmao that nigga face was like damn he threw my bike

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